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August 25, 2016
How Diabetes Influences Sex Life?

It is a well-known fact that diabetes may influence sexual life. How do this happen and how to live with such diagnosis? For many a year, sex life is essential for both men and women with all its pleasure and intimacy. However, difficulties that sooner or later occur usually influence people’s lives. When it happens, people change their lives and consider problems in sex as heavy and irresistible burdens. At definite point, sex issue is one of the most common and widely spread social problems of modern society. Therefore, people […]

August 12, 2016
Erectile dysfunction

The effectiveness of the PDE5 inhibitors – like Generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra offered for customers of My Canadian Pharmacy service – for erectile dysfunction (ED) has been confirmed in numerous studies among various male population groups. My Canadian Pharmacy experts researched and gathered a bunch of interesting facts and study results about the effect provided by PDE inhibitors of the first generation – Cialis (Tadalafil), Viagra (Sildenafil), Levitra (Vardenafil). Enhanced erections delivered by PDE5 inhibitors are proved multiple times Sildenafil a.k.a. Viagra, being for the longest time on sale, is […]

August 11, 2016

Can generic Viagra be taken together with alpha blockers? This question is often asked by many people who want to solve their erectile issues. Unfortunately, there are many patients who are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, or male impotence. If they are older than 40, their overall health is not as good as they want, and the main reason is that such men often experience specific cardiovascular issues, heart disorders and blood pressure complications that should be treated too. All of these medical conditions keep worsening, especially if men have harmful […]

August 9, 2016
Generic Viagra for Impotence at any Age: Beneficial or Dangerous?

Amongst multiple ailments, deviations and disorders of various character, a special heed should be given to the issue of erectile dysfunction. It involves millions of men from different parts of the world. It strikes regardless of race and age. There is always a risk for having ED. Fortunately, modern medicine and science are capable to provide the ordinary customers with dependable cures. Canadian Viagra is the pacemaker in the sphere of treatment of the problems with potency. It is quite safe, efficacious and dependable. It gives significant blood inflow to […]

August 3, 2016

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a common medical condition that results in the long-term blood force against artery walls, and it’s enough to cause specific health issues, including a heart disease. Basically, blood pressure is defined by the amount of blood pumped by your heart and resistance to the blood flow in arteries. The more blood the heart pumps, the narrower the arteries are and the higher the blood pressure is. Unfortunately, many people may have hypertension for a long time with no symptoms at all, but damaging their […]

August 1, 2016

Why it is Beneficial to Purchase Generic Viagra Online from My Canadian Pharmacy Generic Viagra is also known as sildenafil citrate, and belongs to a type of medications called phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. Generic Viagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction. The drug helps achieve and sustain an erection that will last for a substantial amount of time and cover most sexual activity. It works by allowing increased blood flow to the penis at the time when a man is experiencing sexual stimulation. Viagra is efficient only with sexual stimulation and […]

July 13, 2016

Being a man, you have definitely heard about the devastating sex-related condition called erectile dysfunction. Also known as impotence, the issue strikes mainly elderly men in their late 60s. However, the condition is becoming more and more severe, so an increasing number of young males experience it. It has been reported than more than 50% of the whole male population has faced the issue. Erectile dysfunction is a nasty health disorder that may be caused by both physical and psychological problems. The issue prevents a man from a full sexual […]

July 1, 2016
My Canadian Pharmacy explains why medications

Recently the trend of buying medications in Canada has been gaining momentum. Why is such a thing happening? My Canadian Pharmacy tries to analyze the given issue. For example, in the USA medical drugs are very expensive. At the same time, in Canada the price for the drugs is half as much as it is in the USA. It doesn’t mean that Canadian drugs are of lower quality. The reason is the government price control established in Canada. Canadian government secures the interests of Canadian citizens and uses its […]

May 19, 2016
Viagra Generic

Why is there a tendency to buy Generic Viagra online instead of going to a regular drugstore? Every patient has his own reasons. My Canadian Pharmacy is committed to providing medications at moderate prices, ensuring great savings, fast orders, quick delivery and absolute privacy. Not only men from Canada or the USA address online services: Generic Viagra from Canada is bought by men worldwide, which means that there are millions of those, whose sexual life improved after a single pill they took. Are you willing to join them? Start shopping […]

January 18, 2016
Premature ejaculation nature, numbers and treatment: an interview with an expert by My Canadian Pharmacy

According to the statistics of American Society for Men’s Health, 20-35% of men suffer from premature ejaculation. However, few of them come with a complaint to the doctor, living in stress and referring to friends and searching the web for the answers. So is premature ejaculation a disease? If so, is it treatable? Is it possible to deal with the problem on your own, without devoting anyone to intimate secrets? We have asked Dr. Terry Brougham, an andrologist with 15 years of experience at Toronto Central Hospital, to share his […]