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October 9, 2017
Taking Viagra

Sildenafil, more often known as Viagra, is one of the most effective erectile dysfunction treatment drug out there. With its amazing rate of success being close to 80% and millions of completely satisfied patients all over the worlds, sildenafil proudly wears the crown of the most commonly used ED treatment drug. Before implementing a drug as strong as Viagra into your life, you need to know about the most optimal dosages and why you should use them. While branded versions of the drug come in different pills including 2.5mg and […]

October 3, 2017
Male Viagra Impact on Females

Viagra and Women: Key Issues Whoever whatever may say, but curiosity is not in the list of fatal weaknesses of humans. Sometimes women may try things they are strictly not recommended to. For instance, it may be alcoholic beverages, cigarettes or any medicinal product, such as potency drug. In particular, these are pharmaceutical goods for stimulation and improvement of erectile function. In fact, the effect will be adverse. All in all the representatives of the stronger cannot but wonder: How exactly does male Viagra impact women? Will the effect on […]

September 25, 2017
Adenoma Prostate Therapy with Cialis

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia BPH or prostate adenoma means the increase in size of prostatic gland. Prostate is a walnut-shaped gland located on the neck of the urinary bladder. It surrounds urethra. Prostatic gland is a part of male reproductive system. Its enhancement is not connected with cancer. The exact cause of BPH is unknown. It is supposed that the disease is connected with age-related change of hormones level. In the end, prostatic gland becomes so increased that it puts pressure on urinary tract. This leads to narrowing and even obstruction […]

September 21, 2017
Top 10 ED Generics Producers by 2017

Signed in 1984, Hatch-Waxman Act produced its results upon 30 years. American physicians prescribe around 4bln recipes, 84% of which are generics. Thus, patients and the government save millions of dollars. The more medications lose their patent protection, the more generics occur on the market. When copies of the most demanded medications appeared, the market was seized by the wave of fusions and mergers. One of the first companies which began buying young competitors, was Actavis. It acquired several producers of generics. Generic companies unite their powers in order to […]

September 15, 2017

What is Nerve-Sparing Prostatectomy? Prostate cancer is an oncological disease in aged men. Unwilling to attend an annual medical examination by a specialist leads to aggravation of this disease and its detection at late stages. There are many methods of therapy of this cancerous disorder, and surgery is one of them. If a man consults a physician timely, oncotomy will be performed without complications. But more often, patients consult a specialist when they have symptoms indicating the late stage. According to tumor size, disease state and localization of swelling, operation […]

September 13, 2017
Couple in bedroom generic sildenafil

Probably, there is no person in the world who is interested in different things and is not acquainted with such miracle preparations as Viagra. This is the pacemaker in the world of ED treatments. It was created for other purposes. However, the accidental invention led to the unbelievable discovery. Viagra is the first of its class and it remains the first in many markets on the planet. Such fame was achieved due to high dependability, safety and effectiveness. Multiple customer’s reports and official clinical trials have proven that many times. […]

September 12, 2017
Sex in Your Head: Mental Viagra Produces Magic Hormones

Medical experts from Mycanadianpharmacymall have discovered that a lot of male issues may be solved by means of “juvenile” hormone. Mysterious hormone kisspeptin which was found only a couple of decades ago is able to stimulate sexual excitement in cerebrum directly. British scholars from Imperial College have published the results of their research study which shows that many sexual problems in men may be resolved with the help of this juvenile hormone. This very hormone is responsible for sexual arousal of pimple-faced adolescents. Kisspeptin is essential for a youngster to […]

September 11, 2017
Hidden Effects of Levitra That You May Not Know

Levitra is an effective drug for restoring potency and suppressing premature ejaculation. The drug is made on the basis of a selective inhibitor of reuptake, which stimulates the sexual circulation and slows the process of ejaculation, prolonging the duration of a sexual intercourse in several times. The medicine acts quickly and retains a positive effect for up to 10 hours. During this time, the muscles of the penis are in a constant tone. There is also a good sensitivity of erogenous zones. Levitra is recommended for erectile dysfunction, a common […]

September 6, 2017
ED Pills vs ED Creams

Erectile dysfunctions are one of the most widely spread health problems among men of all ages, nationalities, professions and all around the globe. The roots of the problem can be different, these can be some psychological problems and physiological as well. Anyway, the result is always the same, weak erection or its full absence. When the first symptoms occur they may spoil and destruct one’s life. Men start feeling useless, fall into a deep depression and stop living a full life. Fortunately, the pharmaceutical industry had developed some really powerful […]

September 4, 2017

When mixing any other medications while on any PDE5 inhibitor, it leads to health complications and adverse body reactions that can’t be treated with regular over-the-counter meds. And though Levitra is the safest of the ED meds, its combination with riociguat has two sides: the first one triggers health issues when doses aren’t adjusted and the second one may treat the blood vessel conditions that are responsible for poor erections. What Is Riociguat? The drug belongs to the class of medications under the name soluble guanylate cyclase stimulators. What do […]