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May 23, 2017
Should Viagra be so expensive1

If there is one fact when it comes to drugs, it’s that no one enjoys spending money on them. Depending on the ingredients, how popular the drug is, and other additional factors, medications can definitely be expensive. When it comes to the ED drugs, it’s easy to spend a lot of money on them as they are not used to permanently treat erectile dysfunction. It means that they are often taken for many years if a man continues to engage in sexual activities. For this reason, the majority of patients […]

May 3, 2017
Is Indian Viagra the same as the branded one1

While generics have been around for quite a long time, there are still a lot of misconceptions when it comes to these medications, and Viagra is certainly not an exception. Numerous men want to spend less money on their erectile dysfunction drugs but are afraid that generic pills won’t bring the effect that they desire. India is one of the major providers of generic Viagra in the world, but a lot of people are still unsure whether this version of the famous drug can be trusted. Does Viagra from India […]

February 28, 2017
Canadian Pharmacy

Walking and shopping is for ancestors, the modern generation should be shopping online. This is the most convenient and economically sound method of purchasing goods. At the same time, purchasing pharmaceutical goods online can be even more beneficial due to a surfeit of solid reasons. Before discussing the best ways of determining where to buy, let’s briefly overview the benefits of online shopping. Get Well – Buy Online! The very act of purchasing pharmaceutical products is connected to several uncomfortable feelings: You need to talk about your possibly intimate problem […]

October 12, 2016

My Canadian Pharmacy is the best place to choose generic Viagra for a wealth of reasons: it saves your time and money, as well as guarantees that the quality of the product you get raises no questions. A standout from the hordes of spammy eshops and scam pharmacies, My Canadian Pharmacy takes the path of the most innovative services out there on the web. No, it doesn’t sell drugs. And no, it has nothing to do with affiliations with pharmaceutical corporations. A stand alone platform, My Canadian Pharmacy aggregates […]

October 5, 2016
Pills for ED treatment

Do you always feel safe buying erectile dysfunction treatments online? Why is it dangerous sometimes? Be aware of all risks! Buy safely! Modern world is full of wonders. Nanotechnologies make our life comfortable and easier. We can do different things quickly and without many efforts. Today we don’t have to stay in long queues, wait for the order, waste time to move from home to drugstore and back. Nowadays you can buy everything you need online. There is a great number of online drugstores which offer their products. Online Drugstore […]

September 21, 2016
Unparalleled Customer Service

When you buy medications online you cannot be sure the quality is there in roughly 8 cases out of 10. The advent of the web and the increase in popularity and production of generic modifications didn’t solve the core problem – a limited access to medications. This is explained by the fact that the market was flooded with counterfeit products and scam drugstores: so on one hand we have a better selection and increased risks on the other one. The state of affairs applies to almost all the high-demand preparations, […]

August 25, 2016
How Diabetes Influences Sex Life?

It is a well-known fact that diabetes may influence sexual life. How do this happen and how to live with such diagnosis? For many a year, sex life is essential for both men and women with all its pleasure and intimacy. However, difficulties that sooner or later occur usually influence people’s lives. When it happens, people change their lives and consider problems in sex as heavy and irresistible burdens. At definite point, sex issue is one of the most common and widely spread social problems of modern society. Therefore, people […]

August 3, 2016

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a common medical condition that results in the long-term blood force against artery walls, and it’s enough to cause specific health issues, including a heart disease. Basically, blood pressure is defined by the amount of blood pumped by your heart and resistance to the blood flow in arteries. The more blood the heart pumps, the narrower the arteries are and the higher the blood pressure is. Unfortunately, many people may have hypertension for a long time with no symptoms at all, but damaging their […]

July 1, 2016
My Canadian Pharmacy explains why medications

Recently the trend of buying medications in Canada has been gaining momentum. Why is such a thing happening? My Canadian Pharmacy tries to analyze the given issue. For example, in the USA medical drugs are very expensive. At the same time, in Canada the price for the drugs is half as much as it is in the USA. It doesn’t mean that Canadian drugs are of lower quality. The reason is the government price control established in Canada. Canadian government secures the interests of Canadian citizens and uses its […]

May 19, 2016
Viagra Generic

Why is there a tendency to buy Generic Viagra online instead of going to a regular drugstore? Every patient has his own reasons. My Canadian Pharmacy is committed to providing medications at moderate prices, ensuring great savings, fast orders, quick delivery and absolute privacy. Not only men from Canada or the USA address online services: Generic Viagra from Canada is bought by men worldwide, which means that there are millions of those, whose sexual life improved after a single pill they took. Are you willing to join them? Start shopping […]