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October 17, 2016
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Nowadays, men give much heed to their erection abilities. There is a poor and hazardous tendency, which only increases. Millions of men suffer from erectile dysfunction and their number greatly grows from one year to another one. Erectile dysfunction is violated erection, when men cannot hold it for enough time or cannot experience it at all. It can be induced by either physical or psychological reasons. The physicians say that every man lives through misfortunes during sexual intercourse and may not achieve the needed erection. This may happen 1-3 times. […]

October 5, 2016
Pills for ED treatment

Do you always feel safe buying erectile dysfunction treatments online? Why is it dangerous sometimes? Be aware of all risks! Buy safely! Modern world is full of wonders. Nanotechnologies make our life comfortable and easier. We can do different things quickly and without many efforts. Today we don’t have to stay in long queues, wait for the order, waste time to move from home to drugstore and back. Nowadays you can buy everything you need online. There is a great number of online drugstores which offer their products. Online Drugstore […]

September 5, 2016
Erectile dysfunction

Successfully treating erectile dysfunction can be tricky, since the bodies of different people respond to medications in various ways. Sometimes, it is necessary to try multiple ED drugs to find the one that works best. However, they are generally quite expensive, and every failed attempt is likely to become a negative experience that could add to erectile dysfunction issues in the future. To make sure that you don’t waste your time and money on low-quality ED medicines, we have reviewed most options that are available on the pharmaceutical market today […]

August 9, 2016
Generic Viagra for Impotence at any Age: Beneficial or Dangerous?

Amongst multiple ailments, deviations and disorders of various character, a special heed should be given to the issue of erectile dysfunction. It involves millions of men from different parts of the world. It strikes regardless of race and age. There is always a risk for having ED. Fortunately, modern medicine and science are capable to provide the ordinary customers with dependable cures. Canadian Viagra is the pacemaker in the sphere of treatment of the problems with potency. It is quite safe, efficacious and dependable. It gives significant blood inflow to […]

July 13, 2016

Being a man, you have definitely heard about the devastating sex-related condition called erectile dysfunction. Also known as impotence, the issue strikes mainly elderly men in their late 60s. However, the condition is becoming more and more severe, so an increasing number of young males experience it. It has been reported than more than 50% of the whole male population has faced the issue. Erectile dysfunction is a nasty health disorder that may be caused by both physical and psychological problems. The issue prevents a man from a full sexual […]

January 12, 2016
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In the structure of morbidity among men prostatitis is ranked first. According to various estimates the incidence of the disease in men aged 25-45 years is 30-40%, and the risk of prostatitis increases significantly with age. There has been a tendency of ‘rejuvenation prostatitis’, that is, the disease is more frequent in young men. In general, the real risk of getting prostatitis occurs when setting puberty and sexual initiation. This qualitative and quantitative side of sexuality largely determines the risk of prostatitis. An existing assumption that prostatitis occurs with insufficient […]

January 11, 2016
Erectile dysfunction

The inability to have a full sexual intercourse in males could be the result of organic or functional changes in the central or peripheral nervous reflex path, as well as explained by the pathological condition of the endocrine system. Erectile dysfunction may be the result of functional diseases of the brain, in which for one reason or another, the link between the processes of excitation and inhibition is broken. This type of ED is referred to as cortical. Among its reasons neurotic states should be listed first of all. It […]